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Livestock Shipping Terms

As we are a busy retail store it is only possible for us to dedicate the necessary time to condition, prepare and pack livestock orders on Wednesdays when the retail store is closed.

For this reason you must be able to receive your order on the Thursday after order between 8am and Noon.

We only use a certified livestock carrier, APC Overnight, to deliver livestock on a before noon service.

Any problems with the delivery or in the unlikely event that an livestock item arrives in a less than perfect condition then you must contact us within 2 hrs of delivery for further advice. Photographic proof of the issue will be required in order to claim.

In the event that a livestock item is not in a condition suitable for shipping, we reserve the right to cancel the order, or delay shipping until the condition of the item is suitable for shipping.

We will not ship when temperatures are too low, or could impact on the ability of the couriers to deliver on time.

Livestock shipments cost £14.99 for any number of items.

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